Sarah / January 23, 2018

This morning, I had one of the most beautiful moments!  One of those moments where, if you are a spiritual person like I am, you pause and just know that there are other forces at work in this life. It was cold and I was all bundled up.  There is still ice and snow in the parking lot from the…

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Reflections from late 2017

Sarah / November 27, 2017

I can’t shake a feeling we are in the process of adjusting.  I’m not sure yet what that means … time will tell, I suppose. After far too much time prioritizing work, and half-heartedly trying to get back into the shape I used to be in, I spent 30 minutes thinking about it and decided that I needed a Peloton. Cycling…

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When life is sideways…

Sarah / November 21, 2017

Our life is sideways right now, and that just doesn’t feel good.  With a two week trial at the end of May that consumed me for more than a year, Paul and I haven’t been able to spend the kind of time together on the boat that we usually are.  Time that we need.  My last night there was New…

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Growing Up

Dad’s Cabin Log Books

Sarah / October 28, 2017

Growing up, we had the best cabin in the world. In the early days before there was a cabin, we stayed in the tent. I wasn’t very old on my first visit. And once Mom and Dad started to build the cabin, Emily and I helped, where we could. We had to snowmobile to get there in the winter. There…

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Hurricane Irma – Virgin Gorda

Sarah / September 10, 2017

Now that Paul is almost home safe, I am able to articulate a few thoughts from my experience of Hurricane Irma. A huge part of the most important parts of my life literally went right thru the eye on Wednesday. Paul and I have always talked about how NOTHING survives a Category 5, especially not a Category 5 of Irma’s…

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See you tomorrow … in Switzerland!

Anybody who really knows me knows that I am impulsive.  And anybody who loves me has found a way to put up with that. With maturity, I’ve come to recognize that my impulsiveness has resulted in some of the best things in my life – leaving my Denver life and moving to Vail, Paul…, deciding I needed to be the one to…

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