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Dad’s Cabin Log Books

Sarah / October 28, 2017

Growing up, we had the best cabin in the world.

In the early days before there was a cabin, we stayed in the tent.

I wasn’t very old on my first visit.

And once Mom and Dad started to build the cabin, Emily and I helped, where we could.

We had to snowmobile to get there in the winter.

There was no running water or electricity, so we had a huge fireplace for heat and used kerosene lamps at night.

We drank our water straight from the spring.  There is no better tasting water in the world.

Somehow, we ended up with a phone booth as an outhouse.

And it snowed … sometimes a lot…

It was an awesome place to be a kid.

It is where I learned to ski.

And homemade ice cream never tasted better than it did there.

We had lots of fun with family friends .

And ate the best food.

Most mornings, Dad would sit in his big blue chair in front of the fire and write in his log book.  He would memorialize whatever he found noteworthy, I suppose.  And recently, he has been re-reading them and sending us these funny entries.

12-04-82:  Well, Emily asked her teacher if she could bring the elk leg to show and tell.  She said OK, “if it doesn’t smell too much.”  Show and tell wasn’t until Friday.  Nancy and I figured she would forget.  Nope.  Friday morning at breakfast, Emily said she was going to take it.  So, we wrapped it in clear plastic.  She made certain she could still see the leg bone.  She carried it to school and put it by her desk until late in the afternoon, when show and tell was.  Apparently it went over just fine.

03-18-81:  Sarah says to write that her kitty, Smokey, is trying to give the other cats babies.  She has decided that he may not know how to do it “because his dad never taught him”.

07-21-83:  Today, Friday, July 22, 1983, Sarah went off the platform exactly 12:00 noon!!  Earlier this morning she said she was ready to do it.  We went up the ladder, but after standing there for a few minutes she decided things weren’t just right.  So, I went, and she climbed back down the ladder.  At noon, Emily wanted to swing.  We went down, and Sarah decided she wanted to do it!  So, up the ladder we went again.  She climbed right out on the platform.  I pulled the swing up and somewhat reluctantly, but with determination, she climbed on.  The worst part had to be letting lose of the tree and grabbing the rope with both hands,  Off she went (with a little shove from me.)  Her baseball hat flew off during the first swing. I think she opened her eyes after the first swing – and started to enjoy it.  By the time she stopped swinging, she was indeed “in the swing of things”.  She reports she is ready to go again today.  She is 7 years and 309 day old.  That’s a record.  Her legs didn’t shake a bit – unlike Jeff’s.

08-03-83:  Have to make a record of the “quote of the day”  Rick (who seems to get along fine with Emily and Sarah) was walking up from the tent with Emily and Sarah following him.  I heard him say to Jeff “This reminds me of the ducks we saw while fishing this morning.”  Jeff: what do you mean?  Rick: Like a mother duck with all the little quackers following her!

Jeff was our summer big brother. I remember being so happy when he would arrive, and so sad when he would leave to go back home. Thinking back, he had endless patience with Emily and me.

I didn’t realize until I was much older how much the cabin meant to a lot of people.

We had the best cabin in the world.

We were lucky.


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